Volume 11, Number 4 (December 2016) , 159-166

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Indications, Outcome and Complications of Ureteroscopy, at Gezira Hospital for Renal Diseases and Surgery, Sudan: a Seven Years ‘Experience

Mustafa O Mansour1, Sami M Taha2*, AbdElmahmood Abdallah3, Mohammed El Imam1






Background: Ureteroscopy (rigid and flexible) with irrigating and working channels have expanded the capability of the urologist to diagnose and treat most abnormalities of the upper tracts.

Objective: This study was conducted as a part of holistic auditing to the services provided by Gezira Hospital for Renal Disease and Surgery (GHRD&S), and specifically to evaluate ureteroscopy done in GHRD&S with emphasis on the indications, outcome and complications.

Methods: Across-sectional- hospital-based study was adopted. All patients who underwent ureteroscopy since the inauguration of the hospital from 2005-2011 were included.

Results: The total number of patients satisfying the inclusion criteria was 472 with a mean age of 40.6 years. Male to female ratio was 1.46:1. The mean hospital stay was 2.74 days .The commonest indication for ureteroscopy was ureteric stone amounting (74%) to a tangible share of ureteric stenting or removal as indication were found in (56.8%) . and therapeutic ureteroscopy for (92.3%). Ureteric stricture was not uncommon (24%). The success rate of therapeutic ureteroscopy was (93.7%) with definite correlation to the site of pathology been (91.75%), (92.3 %) and (87.5%) for the lower, mid and upper ureter respectively. The complications recorded were bleeding (3.3%), penetration (2.5 %), post-operative colic (13%) and infection (0.4%). Mortality rate was zero

Conclusion: Because the experience of ureteroscopy in GHRD&S was auspiced by regular training from the SIU the outcome is really comparable to the literature.

Keywords: Ureteroscopy, Gezira Hospital for Renal Disease and Surgery, Wad Medani, Success and safety.



1. Professor of Urology. Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira -Sudan
2. Associate professor of Urology. Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira- Sudan
3. Urologist.Gezira Hospital for Renal Disease and Surgery- Sudan
*Correspondent author: Sami MahjoubTaha .
Tel:+249128151911, E mail:samimahj@gmail.com


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